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Exotic Timber
Fruit Bowl in Sapele Wood
The photo shows a fruit bowl, completed for a client, made of sapele wood.

Approximate dimensions:

Diameter: 9" / 225mm

Height overall: 3" / 75mm

Inside depth: 2.25" / 55mm

I can make these to order with a choice of finish, food safe oil, food safe wax or for non-food/display use, a friction hi-gloss polish.

Shipping via tracked Parcelforce/Royal Mail
Limited availability
£ 60.00
Gentlemans Desk Bowl in Lignum Vitae

Lignum Vitae is a very hard wood, originally used to make lawn blows and propeller shaft bearings for boats. It takes a lot of work to turn and finish.

This example was made from a reclaimed indoor bowling wood.

Approximate dimensions:

Diamater: 100mm / 4"

Height: 50mm / 2"

Prices from £25 depending on size, postage extra

The photo shows a small desk bowl completed for a client, who required a desk bowl for paper clips and coins.
£ 25.00
Italian Olive Wood
Crown cork bottle openers turned from grade A Olive Wood
£ 12.00
Italian Olive Wood
Wine & spirit bottle stoppers turned from grade A Olive Wood.
£ 10.00
Italian Olive Wood
Bowls are turned from grade A Olive Wood, sourced from Spain, Italy or Cyprus.

Prices from £25 upwards according to size.

PLease enquire and let me know your requirements.
£ 0.00
Wine Bottle Stoppers
A wine bottle stopper in Spalted Beech.

Various shapes and styles available in different woods.

Please get in touch for current designs.
£ 10.00
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